Every man’s body is nothing but a temple, so it is important is treated as such. A number of men that do not know the basic methods of having themselves groomed and they do not feel comfortable when they have to resort to asking for advice. In addition to the excellent information on grooming that can be found on the Grooming Adepts website, below is a basic primer for how to care for your body’s aesthetic needs.


Basic – It is important that you have your beard brushes every day. Employ the use of clipper to have it looking clean and even as you are growing your beard and wash it with the rest of your hair and along with your face when you are having a bath. You can use beard oil to have it softened and it will assist in increasing its shine. A number of times during the week, it is important that use a razor to have the edges of your beard shaped to a style that meets your preference.

Advanced – In order to eliminate the presence of grey hairs, employ the use of beard hair dye as this is different from the regular hair dye that you get from your drug store near you or perhaps in your locality. It is recommended that you dye your beard once in a while, probably every two weeks


Basic – You can make use of a pair of tweezers to have the hair that is in between your eyebrows plucked out. For a sharper and cleaner appearance, pluck any inapposite hairs that grow in areas that are not in the natural eyebrow region.

An Essential Guide to Basic Grooming for Men

Going to the Barbers

Aside from the pointers above, it is also highly recommended that you have a regular appointment with your barber. If you don’t have one, just look first for any barber that you can find and one that you can comfortably create a relationship with. Once you find yourself a good barber, make sure that he is the only one that will take care of grooming you. You have to make an appointment with your barber at least 4 weeks prior the intended date you want to have yourself groomed. This also means that you need to maintain this schedule if you really want to be well-groomed. Some men find this quite a hassle, but all it takes is discipline. The main trick here is that you become proactive and not reactive. By having a place that you can regularly go back to, not to mention you also trust, it will lessen your anxiety with whether or not you are doing it right.

Identify the products that work for you

This refers with the hair products that you are going to use when grooming yourself. Hair products that are designed for men have gotten more confusing these days since the days past. It was those times that there were only a few brands available that it was easy for men before to choose which one works best for them. But there are tricks on how to get to the right one that will work for you. For example, if you have thick and messy hair style, you can go for the pomades and waxes. But when you have thin hair, go for lighter sprays and products as this will give your hair the staying power. If you are still a bit confused about this, you can ask your barber for recommendations. But keep in mind that the right product will bring the best results.

Look for your signature scent

Your aftershave is not supposed to be that obvious. You do not want people coming by to stop and notice. This means that you have worn too much. It should be subtle enough to be part of the overall appearance of being a man. Instead of having 8 to 10 different quality bottles that you can pick one each morning randomly, it is better that you find at least two classic scents that you really love best and invest in a lot of bottles of them. Typically the herby, spicy or woody scent suit the winter months really well, while the lighter citrus scent work well during summer and spring.

Invest in a good toothbrush

Most of the time people miss the right way to brush their teeth. But for men, there is more to brushing their teeth than just getting that perfect smile. Women notice 2 things most about men. First their shoes, then followed by their smile. For the latter, it is highly recommended that you invest with a mix of technology. The electric toothbrushes are developed in a way to do most of the work and also they are better for the health.

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