In recent times, bed bugs are having a comeback and bug removal and treatment is beginning to be unavoidable – no matter how clean you are or where you live. The best and trusted way of exterminating bed bugs from your home is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Unfortunately, these little critters are becoming a world problem and since they are invasive and fast, it is actually a tough task to keep them out. Right before you call for the assistance of the bed bug treatment Toronto, here are things you can do.

Science class explained that these pests sleep during the day and they come alive at night to feed on their host blood. Humans are the preferred targets; however, they also feed on cats and dogs. They are fast little critters that are capable of hiding in small spaces as the thickness of a belt. At maturity, these insects measure at about ¼ inches long.

An individual can be sure of an infestation on his home when he starts observing bites. They feed in a very small area, thus injecting an anticoagulant substance under the skin just to allow the blood to flow freely. You will observe a small-localized area of bites on your skin that confirms the presence of these insects in your home.

Bed Bugs treatment

Rent or buy a steam-cleaning machine

The steam must be extremely hot because bed bugs can withstand high temperatures up to about 115 degrees. It is advised that get to steam to about 125 degrees.

Steam clean the mattresses in your home, sofa, box springs, furniture, chairs, baseboards, and carpet. It is important that you do not miss anything.

If per chance a female (egg-laying) bug is missed, you can find yourself in the same issues some weeks later.

In addition, have all the bedding and clothing washed with hot water. Warm or cool water is actually not enough to kill these little pests. Also, wash your purses and coats or perhaps anything, that can house these bugs. Steam your carpet; wash your blankets and rugs.

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