Players usually move in one of two directions when selecting their first set of darts. Some players choose a set they think looks amazing, while others select a set which has similar features with the darts of player they admire. Both ways are great if you are just a starter. As the game progresses and your level rises, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best darts to buy.

How do you hold your dart?

When using a dart for the first time, most players will hold as if they are using a pencil. Do proper adjustments next time you are playing. Endeavour to hold the dart properly because it is a key factor in finding the appropriate set, so it is wise if you hold your dart in several ways before you acquire them. Do you prefer to hold your dart in a frontal direction? If so, consider getting the front-weighted dart. Do you prefer to hold the dart via the back of the barrel? If yes, a rear-weighted dart could be your best choice. Do not overlook this because it is the first and major step in getting the best dart that will give you satisfaction and all-round excitements.

What type of feel do you like on the dart?

There are numerous styles of darts and loads of choices in this zone. Some people like smooth darts that have some or no knurl. While others like the complete barrel that comes with a sharp or rough edge. This is one important factor to consider while trying various darts and you must choose a particular style that suits your needs and requirements. There is a high possibility of your preference changing after many years playing darts. At times changes in your life or profession can determine the kind of texture that will be on your dart. As you improve and proceed in your darting activities, in selecting the best darts to buy, you can decide to try the newest models or styles of darts. To get the best satisfaction, ensure that you select the dart with the best texture.

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