Having gone through the procedure of a Caesarean Section or what is otherwise known as C-section you would require quality recovery time and anesthesia, but over the years the real success of C-section recoveries depends on the level of care, mental outlook and the complications involved. The first few days after the surgical procedures are to ensure a quick and safe recovery according to this article about C-section recovery for new mothers.

One of the things that really assist C-section mothers is the understanding of what actually happened from the time of delivery to the first few days of recovery. The truth is that the more you know about what actually happened during each stage of your C-section recovery the better you become prepared, making it a key to a successful recovery.

The C-section Delivery Procedure

The C-section is actually a very easy and comprehensive procedure than having a vaginal birth on both the mother and the baby as there is no physical strain or pushing. The procedure begins with having the lower parts of the body numbed using an epidural or spinal anesthesia. There is actually nothing you are expected to do other than lay comfortably. Once the lower parts of your body are numbed, the surgeon proceeds with making an incision in the lower abdomen and the baby will be delivered from the womb via the stretched incision. All through the procedure, your anesthesiologist will be beside you, filling you on how things are going the delivery status or there to give answers to any questions that you may have.

Some hospitals permit the mom having skin-to-skin contact with the baby or breastfeeding while some other hospitals are against this practice when the baby is delivered. If permitted, the nurse will have your baby wrapped and cleaned and bring her over to you, just so you can make eye contact with your newly born baby. During this period, the doctor is delivering the afterbirth and closing the incision. In the subject of closing the incision, you may have glue, stitches or staples, this actually depends on what the doctor prefers and the requests you have.

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