Before you identify which espresso maker will be the best for your home, you need to know the category of espresso maker you belong. Presently, we have two major varieties of home coffee makers; those who intend to produce the best coffee and those who just want to make a coffee at a speedy rate.

In this article, we are going to talk about some varieties of espresso makers available on the marketplace and also analyze some of the merits and demerits of each of the variety so that by the end, you will have the requisite knowledge and will be able to choose the best one that would be ideal for you.

Before We Begin

Before we dip deep into the specifics of each variety of coffee machine, we have listed some basic questions that I will advise that you answer faithfully:

  • Which category do you belong, a “one-button” coffee maker or a “great cup” coffee maker?
  • What is your budget? How much are money are you willing to expand on your machine?
  • Do you have enough space in your kitchen?
  • What is the total capacity of espresso that you will be making on a go?

Fully Manual Espresso Machines

For manual espresso machines, they work through a handle that is required to be pumped in order to discharge the hot water via the coffee grind. Although other devices apply steam pressure with this variety of machine, you can easily control the pressure and speed at which the coffee is produced.

They are widely used in Italy and most caf├ęs around the country make use of this device as it is considered as the genuine way to make an espresso.

The Good:

  • Maximum control over the brewing process
  • Can make the best tasting espresso
  • Pump pressure will be able to withstand heat and won’t burn the coffee
  • It will improve your coffee making skills and you will feel exciting when you make a good one.

The Bad:

  • Can be easily distorted as everything has to be in perfect condition, from the grind to the pull
  • The process of making an espresso is slow compared to others
  • Who is it for?

Single-Serve Pod & Capsule Espresso Machines

Single-serve machines of this version are incredibly quick, comes with simple operation and can fit into tight space. They are slightly advanced version and its worth has increased due to the recent celebrity endorsements. We will soon talk about the pros and cons of the device to enable you to to make the right decision.

The Good:

  • It can be used to make an espresso within a very short time.
  • Incredibly easy to use, just load the capsule or pod and then click the button
  • Easy to maintain and there is no mess made when making a coffee
  • They produce a stable and consistent espresso at all times
  • Very small and can fit into any kitchen compartment

The Bad:

  • Has a limited variety of coffee as you will have to purchase the same brand as your coffee device
  • Pods and capsules are not as fresh as freshly cultivated coffee beans
  • Takes the art out of producing coffee
  • Capsules and pods come at a higher price rate compared to coffee beans
  • Not all models come with a steam wand

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