The first things to take note of if you know the exact place you are going and when – make your booking early! Leaving it till late hour could stop you from getting your preferred accommodation, or your chosen flight is filled up, you may also exploit the benefit of tour operators early reservation discounts. Nevertheless, if you are the flexible type, then you are the one that is actually in the best position to make a bargain on Corendon.

I already know what I wanted when I was shopping for cheap holidays in Spain due to the poor exchange rate meaning it would be costly to live while staying there. However, I ensured that my options were flexible. If the exchange rate is stable and excellent it is quite often less expensive to go self-catering.

The next thing to consider is whether you want a DIY holiday or a package deal, a package deal entails the tour operators providing the transfers, flights and accommodation otherwise you will perform these tasks by yourself. Bonuses accompanying package vacations is under the ATOL (Air Travel Organizers’ Licensing) protected, this implies that you will get your money back if the deal goes haywire.

It is less likely for tour operators to discount during peak seasons and school holidays so I strongly suggest that you avoid these times.

Don’t put all your hope on local airports, check other places, in fact, I will advise that you travel a little further and even incorporate an overnight stay to fly from Manchester or Gatwick as the case may be.

It is less costly to make a reservation for your car parking in advance, this will save you money and effort, make a reservation as soon as you have booked your vacations.

Once you have picked a date – check the internet or contact the travel agents in your area. Tour operators that are yet to fill their flights or their quota of accommodation still have to make payments. So, you might just be able to convince them to lower their price rates. Liaise with them and inform them about your quotation but endeavor to break it down to a single person price, if your quotation is £300 for a single person, inform them it is £290, there is a high chance that it will drop to £280. You will need to jot down of the items you have priced in order to evaluate it properly, for instance, board basis, luggage allowance, flight meals etc.

You may be given an estimate of a much lower price only to find out that the board basis or room type is different, or it doesn’t come with flight meals. This helped me to a great extent when I was making reservations for my cheap holidays in Spain.

The travel agent may try to convince you that you need flight meals or extra luggage allowance but you can end up saving around £25 per passenger by refusing these offers.

Excursions are usually less expensive if booked in the resort; consult other holidaymakers for recommendations of reputable companies to use.

Never lose your patience when requesting for a discount, this will not get you anywhere. Always remain friendly, cheerful and above all polite; after all, you are requesting for a favor from them.

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