Have you at any point in time wondered if you really could trace the location of a cell phone? This can be done by just about anyone with the technology we have these days. If you are very much concerned about the safety of your children or you suspect you have a cheating spouse, then maybe you should consider handy orten. It is an excellent tool for finding out if people are telling you the truth about who they are or where they are

The necessity of tracking a cell phone number and discovering the actual details of its owner is becoming a serious issue now as cell phones become the predominant means of telecommunication in the country and the resources required for finding cell phone numbers and their owners are becoming limited. Tracking cell phone numbers can be done, nonetheless, it is becoming very difficult for quite some reasons

The most basic and earliest means of tracking cell phone location was by analyzing the signal of the cell phone in question. The signal can be tracked by seeing the direction your phone was in relation to the nearest cell phone tower. You can have a view of the direction the signal is moving in and also how quickly you can move between each tower

However, there is one drawback to this method, because it does not give you the exact location you are requesting. This is often a rough location of about 150 – 350 sq. meters. You can have the general idea where someone is located using this method and it is just useful in just confirming if someone is really telling the truth about where they are

One very accurate way of tracking a cell phone is with the use of a global positioning system. If a phone has a GPS tracking feature, it can be pinpointed at any point in time. The only issue is that if the person you want to track turns of the GPS on their device then it will be very difficult to locate them. In addition, terrain can also influence GPS tracking, because if the owner of the cell phone goes behind a building, mountain or goes into a toilet then it will be very difficult to pick up the signal

The latest technology for tracking cell phone location is using wi-fi positioning system or wps. This technology makes use of various wireless network signals in tracking the location of cell phones. In cities where they are hundreds of wi-fi hotspot that overlap all over the place creating a form of a grid. Users can be pinpointed when using their phones by looking at the nearest few wireless hotspots. If perchance you live in a very rock community this method may be very difficult to use owing to the less amount of wi-fi hotspot or if at all there are any.

The only way for a cell phone directory can be made so people can do a search or perhaps a reverse cell phone lookup is purchasing numbers and owner’s details from various companies that track these things in their own record. There is no company that will have all numbers, but by combining different information into a mega record, then you can carry out a reverse lookup and at the same time expect excellent results.

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