Located in the center of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a beautiful country with a small land mass. Many models enjoy working in this country. They have a hot weather all year round, the jobs are fantastic, and there is a huge possibility of earning money if you fit the demands of the Singapore model agency. Singapore is known to be placed where models can create a beautiful portfolio due to numerous talented photographers, as well as editorial clients. It is advisable to follow this comprehensive guide when hiring event models in Singapore.

Market Criteria
Clients prefer to transact business with Singaporean consumers and employ models that its citizens can relate to. As such, most clients will primarily opt for Eurasian models, brunettes, or “Eurasian looking” models, especially when dealing with commercial work. These kinds of models, regardless of their sex, are likely to be successful in Singapore and Southeast Asia as a whole.

Blondes can perform their duties in Singapore if they have a unique look. They can book editorials, events, and presentations, but commercial work (where there is more cash) is minimal. In addition, they have to compete intensely with other blondes. Many magazines prefer to use a single blonde model for each issue to enable them to fully exploit their target market: Singaporean women.

There are numerous kinds of magazines in Singapore so this implies that there should be lots of work that are left undone which can cater to all blonde models in town. However, there are several mitigations to these: if a model creates an excellent impression in one magazine from a popular publishing house, there is a high chance that she will later work for multiple magazines for a long period and have a monopoly over them. If you are a blond model who intends to travel to Singapore, check the boards of all these agencies and see how you will compete with other models.

Clients and agencies in Singapore prefer models (both sexes) to have a slim body structure. For swimwear and lingerie, the proportion is a very important feature compared to the size of a woman’s buttocks or breasts. For female models, the maximum hip size is 35″. If the model is business-oriented, a 36” hip can work but she must have a good body shape in order to compete for the popular commercial jobs.

Female Measurements (in inches):

  • Bust: 30”-34”
  • Hips: 33-35”
  • Waist: 23-25”

Male Measurements (in inches):

  • Waist: 32” – maximum measurement
  • Chest: 40” – standard

For male models who intend to travel to Singapore, the maximum waist length is 32”. If the waist length is larger, they shouldn’t bother to go to the market because there is no way they will fit into the clothes and source for work.

Although, it is a known fact that Singaporean clients prefer their male models to be slim, because of Singapore’s mix of commercial and editorial clients, there are commercial and editorial opportunities for both muscular and slim models. As applicable to the female models, there is intense competition for commercial jobs so male models must be physically fit for the job.

For editorials, Singapore prefers to go for younger models but age is not a huge determinant as long as the model has a slim body structure, fits the market criteria, and has an excellent lifestyle.

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