The long-awaited follow to CSR Classics and CSR Racing, CSR Racing 2 has been finally released by the developers, NaturalMotion. A new user interface has been introduced, new features and most excitingly, improved graphics. Without a doubt, this game promises to blow our mind away than the last two from the developers and so far, the reviews of this game have been encouraging and impressing so far. With the proper CSR Racing 2 Cheats, you are guaranteed to strive to the top street racer in the CSR Racing 2 community, collecting more cars and taking out rival crews and you can upgrade the cars in your garage just so you can win more races. Conventionally, the game comes with various licensed and real world cars, from the simple, supposedly insipid Mini Cooper to the McLaren P1, amongst others. In addition, you can win rare cars and rare car parts, be an addition to crews, and take part in some races and crew missions.

  1. Pay rapt attention to the tutorials

Compared to the anonymous agents from the previous CSR games, Jess the mechanic is more than helpful in CSR Racing 2. It is important you pay close attention to whatever she seems to be telling you as the game wants to play its part of offering assistance in form of tips for some areas of the game.

  1. Focus on the Perfect Shifts and Perfect Starts

One mechanic from the earlier versions of CSR titles that can still be of assistance in this CSR Racing 2 Cheats is the importance of making perfect shifts and making perfect starts. This can make evident the difference between winning a tight close race against a better opponent or similar opponent, and losing a race and wasting your gas while at it. It is important that you start your gas while the needle is ticking within the small green region on your odometer and it is advised that you do the same when shifting, thus you will ensure that you have a perfect start and a perfect shift. This will guarantee you success in the races you engage in.

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