Bezel-less monitors are those monitors with a slim border. The bezels around the screen act as a clamp and protection for the screen. So, a bezel less monitor screen without an actual bezel is not completely practicable with the existing technology.

Luckily, there have been some improvements that have made the installation of narrow bezels on the screen a possibility. A majority of the thin bezel monitors are mostly stylish, light, with a simple design and a luxurious touch.

Important for Multi-monitor Setup

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of narrow bezel monitors, they are also important for the setup of multi-monitor displays. The slimmer the bezel, the more improved the continuity between two screens. Having a thick bezel in between two screens can be quite annoying; particularly if you’re a gamer. The bezel in between the screens are made so slim these days, it has led to a lot of brands referring to them as edge to edge or frameless monitors.

A multi-monitor setup is important for gaming and work. It is possible to set these up with desktops as well as laptops. For people who edit videos, program or render software, this kind of setup is essential. A lot of times, prices of the best thin bezel monitors are quite competitive and affordable when compared to that of conventional screens.

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