There are several articles that counter and support the existence of free reverse phone lookup services, their question is usually based on this; is there a free reverse phone lookup service? With that said, most of the content writers of these sites are in alliance with the professional services and generally will not accept the fact that you can undertake most of your reverse phone lookups without paying a dime – when using the proper online tools. Free reverse phone lookups for Yellow Pages and White Pages exist, but these services do not cover unlisted numbers.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

The Yellow Pages and White pages generally will offer reverse lookup services at no cost. Yellow Book generally hands out and offers these services at no cost to several mailboxes in the United States – for their nearby communities and counties. So, it is proper that you undertake a free reverse phone lookup for other areas as well. There are numerous sites that offer these services in the United States. Listed below are popular, multiple sites that offer free reverse lookups.

  • Addresses
  • WhitePages
  • AnyWho
  • InfoSpace

Professional Reverse Phone Lookup

A professional phone lookup is employed when other options have failed; in this case, when you tried other free services and they failed. One of two factors is usually considered when a free service fails: either it is a cell phone number or the phone number is unregistered. Generally, the most appropriate thing to do is to conduct the comparative analysis of the single site with professional services (i.e., see the last paragraph). And generally, a good number of these professional reverse phone services will offer your desired information within a very short time or in a couple of hours. And if you have the feeling that other people may be conducting a reverse phone lookup on you, a good number of these professional services will offer you the chance to remove your confidential information (phone number) from phone records and online databases.

The Reason for a Reverse Phone Lookup

The general motive for using a reverse phone lookup is to look for the owner as well as the address of the phone number inputted into the search bar. It can be a very complicated issue when you receive calls from unfamiliar persons – possibly a stalker or a prank call. Other reasons why people use these phone lookup services might be to know the caller at the other end or to stem any relationship trust issues – but forgot to put down their name or their address.


First, always assess the free reverse phone lookup services before opting for the professional services. A good number of the professional reverse phone services will offer you the chance to subscribe for a membership plan that will enable you to gain access to several phone lookups — this is a relatively cost-effective means of obtaining genuine information on any phone number. I suggest that you apply the tips highlighted above in real life.

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