High-ranked players normally buy League of Legends accounts for sale to help them make positive progress. For you to move from level 1 to level 30, you need lots of time so it makes perfect sense to get a smurf account instead of passing through this long process.

But before you pay money to buy a League of Legends account (or spend valuable time leveling one);do you really need to buy an account?

You will be frustrated as a beginner if you are beaten in every single match.

Low-level games usually come with smurfs and it is rare not to find a game that doesn’t have smurf account. This makes League of Legends look uninteresting.

We understand the fact that we are compounding your problems if we ask you to smurf, your friend will find it interesting if he has someone that will teach him how to play the game. When you play with your pal on your League of Legends accounts for sale, you will show him the tactics and ways on how to play lower level games. Remember that you don’t need to put in much effort when playing low-level games and that doesn’t make you a champion.

You might not have the opportunity of playing against level 30’s.

Do not reveal your true identity

Did you create an account that is well-known in your area? Are you a popular professional player who doesn’t want people to know his true identity? Smurfing is a great way of solving these issues. Someone might not want to reveal his true identity due to some reasons and smurfing helps in dealing with these issues. If you are a popular streamer, it implies that you will be receiving lots of friends’ requests, receiving messages from unknown people and have to deal with lots of suckers.

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