Launched back when in 2006, the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur line is a modified clarification of the classic Damier Canvas, the Louis Vuitton handbags sale collection carries us away to the famous coasts of the French Riviera. At the same time casual and classic, subtly different, Damier Azur offers an entire assortment of products ranging from luggage to city bags.

The signature grey and black Damier pattern was designed in celebration of Louis Vuitton’s 120th anniversary; this was more like in honor of the Louis Vuitton. It was released to the public in 2008; the Damier Graphite range is a subtle revisit of the iconic Damier. The Damier Graphite displays an understated grey and black tonal pattern incorporated with smooth black leather, other than the iconic brown that it is renowned for globally. It is important for you to be aware of the fact that Damier Graphite is only produced in Men accessories and leather Goods, most especially if you do not know.

In 2003, there was a collaboration with a Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. The collaboration brought about the Monogram multicolor line. Takashi Murakami is recognized as one of the great minds in the Japanese neo-pop art. He is renowned for his cheerful, colorful work; Murakami designed the cheerful and fun Monogram canvas that employs 33 colors for the creation of the popular Monogram pattern.

It is important you are aware of the fact that the Monogram Mini Lin canvas is one of the latest lines that sports a lighter but resistant canvas. It is fabricated from 24% linen, 58% cotton, and 18% polyamide.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale: Examining the Different Types of Louis Vuitton Handbags

One of the most challenging things that women face whenever they are out at Louis Vuitton handbags sale is when they don’t know which one they should go for. All they know is that Louis Vuitton never fails to impress its customers and that they are always aiming for the best quality. Since you already know that their quality is the best, what you need to know next is which handbag is suited for you. Below is general information regarding the handbags that are showcased and sold all over the world? Some of them may only be available in certain countries, but at least you have an idea where to buy your favourite designer bag and which one to pick when you are armed with the knowledge about what Louis Vuitton has to offer for their customers.

Known by man as the House of Louis Vuitton, the brand is known for using a wide array of materials and hardware with their pieces. This is why it can be very confusing and arduous for most women because they have no idea which ones to pick first, whether it is with the Vernis, Monogram or the Alma in Epi.

The Monogram canvas

Even those that do not have inkling as to what other bags Louis Vuitton offers in the market, they will immediately recognize the Monogram canvas that it comes from Louis Vuitton. This is the LV Monogram material, which was designed by George Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton back in the year 1896. His intention of designing this bag was to distinguish the LV trunks from the imitator ones. The flowers in between the LV initials were inspired by the Japanese designs since they were very popular back in the Victorian era. During that time, the canvas was already a revolutionary product. The Canvas is a cotton-woven material. Even today, the Monogram canvas is still popular among LV fans and customers not only because of its design, but also because it is durable and resistant against water compared to many leather material used in making handbags.

Damier Azure and Damier Ebene canvas

This canvas print was made before the Monogram canvas was introduced in the market back in 1888. They are available in various colours, but these 2 canvasses are most recognizable to be it. Just like the Monogram canvas, the Damier Canvas is created out of cotton canvas, but coated. Since it is offered this way, it makes the bag completely durable and water resistant. If you are the type that is not always careful with their bags, this is the best choice to go as you do not need to worry about scuffs or stains on the canvas itself.

The Monogram Vernis leather

The word ‘Vernis’ is literally translated to varnish, which is a French word. This explains its shine and luster. This material was first introduced to LV back in 1998 by Marc Jacobs after he got appointed as the Artistic Director for the brand. This is made out of leather that is embossed calfskin coated with the patent finish, thus producing that shiny look. This is not a good choice to go if you are not careful with bags as this tends to stains and scratches.

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