Are you aware of what nearshore outsourcing is all about? This is an outsourcing technique where a government or a business outsources IT contractors from other countries in the near shore or near time zone for meetings its IT needs, you can visit for more information on this. This term was first used or perhaps defined in 1997 by Softtek when they began working their first US clients. The location that s closer to your country from where you have outsourced employee your near shore.

In recent times, many companies are fond of outsourcing employees from neighboring countries just to get the right expertise and hands, in order to put them to work at very low rates. Most of these large companies have found this as an alternative to recruiting competent people at a minimal cost. They have discovered this alternative the best for them since they can hire experienced people from another country from cheap rather than hire the same level of experience in their country for a very high cost. Nearshore development outsourcing has become a trend in the last 10 years.

The question now becomes – how is Nearshore outsourcing beneficial for your brand? One of the benefits is that it gives the opportunity to hire employees for very low salaries or wages. One of the advantages is that you will not be experiencing issues with differences in time zones which poses threats to easy online communications, thus whenever you need to talk to your employees they are available to respond to your emergency calls. This is also a means of reducing your stress levels. There will be better coordination between the employer and the employees and work will be done at the most appropriate time, thus the Nearshore staff Augmentation will be a whole lot stronger.

If the company from where people will be outsourced from is in a neighboring country, it will be easier to plan traveling trips and occasionally visit when you desire because the cost will be less. However, your cultures will be somewhat similar, thus cultural diversity will be less and communication will be easier.

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