Upcoming Movie Releases for 2017

A new year is certainly a new time for the movie buffs to look forward to the new titles that will be dished out to the studios to their favorite movie screens. Of course, 2017 is not exempted. While there are expected to be a ton of titles that will be released this year, there are those that stood out and are truly making the rounds of contenders or being crowdfavorites. To make sure that you will not missout on them, we list them down for you.

John Wick Chapter 2

Sure, Keanu Reeves has already made sure that he has avenged that beloved pooch of his in Chapter 1, but the man that you send to kill the Boogeyman is back. He is back with a vengeance too. John Wick isonce again taking up arms against a horde of killers and this journey takeshim around the globe. This is certainly one sequel that the fans have been begging for and it highly anticipated. With the breathtaking gun-fu that its predecessor has showcased last year, it is expected to not disappoint the second time around an as well.


Since Deadpool has proven that there is a way for R-rated films to make it big in the box office, this R-rated superhero film is followingsuit. It is fact that a lot of superhero fans tend to get disappointed when they see their favorite characters portrayed on the screen in a much toned down version just to accommodate the kids. Not this time though. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as the mutant Wolverine and it is reported that this will be for the final time too. The hero will be in of a somber, gritty, and post-apocalyptic setting which might just make this the finest chapter in the series.

King: Skull Island

For those that loved the movies that featured that giant ape before, now is the chance to see him alive and kicking again to thebig screen. This wannabe blockbuster is led by Tom Hiddleston. The story is based on how a group of people unwiselystepped into the island that Kong regards as home. This is intended to be the beginningof a potential franchise so if it does well at the box office, the there is a good chance that we will be seeing moreKong movies movingforward.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

People have been anticipating for the goofy cast to return and this time, they will. Everybody looks forward to what adventures or misadventures the gang is likely going to get themselves into as Start Lord is going to search for is afather. Oh, and everybody looks forward to seeing the ubercute Baby Groot.

Alien: Covenant

Another highly anticipated movie, Ridley Scott is going back to the horror genre as a follow-up to his Prometheus in 2012. It is certainly going to embrace its prequel rooted on the Alien movies. With the release date moved back into the summer instead of a fall schedule means that it is likely going to be a hugeblockbuster in the making.