Piermont Grand EC has several types of condos offered. They range from 1 room units up to 5 room apartments. This makes it a common choice of many families. What benefits those people will get? Well, now you will find out.

Education benefit

The first benefit is the most common. In the proximity of Piermont Grand EC you have 3 schools. They are Punggol Cove Primary School, Punggol Green Primary School, and Punggol View Primary schools. They are all within 10 minutes from the condominium and they are known as some of the best schools in Singapore.

Obviously, schools are the most important part for most families. Some of them even consider getting an apartment as close as possible to a primary school. It is the safest and most desirable outcome. In this case scenario, you have a major benefit compared to others.

Impressive parks

Yes, the condominium is surrounded by parks and areas that are a great source of fun. You can walk, your child can ride a bicycle and the entire family can enjoy the combination between city lifestyle and the one more common for people on the periphery of a city. This is one of also very important and specific advantages the location has to offer.

The condominium in question is expected to be a very popular choice among families. This isn’t the main reason why, but it is one of them. This translates into having more reasons why this case is obvious.

Overall safety

Piermont Grand EC is close to the Punggol Watertown and it is known as the safest place of them all. The crime rate almost doesn’t exist and even the crimes that happen are minor. This is a mandatory advantage you and your family will need and want.

When looking for a new home, always consider the safety of that neighborhood. If we know that the local government will invest a huge amount of time and effort into the location, we can understand why in the near future the crime rate won’t exist here. There are plans that will be conducted each year from the opening of the condominium. Each one of them has a separate list of improvements and safety perks guaranteed.

Excellent comfort

Besides all of which we have mentioned, the place in question is capable of offering ultimate comfort for big and small families. Basically, you can choose between different sizes of your apartment. You also have the ability to pick the block and so much more. All of this translates into an excellent comfort you and your family needs.

The final word

Piermont Grand EC is an obvious choice for most families. Regardless of the fact do you have a small or large family, you will find a place here. You will enjoy all of the above-mentioned perks and you will discover countless, new ones. Of course, there are single room apartments which are suitable for singles or seniors. One place for us all.

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