Any company, regardless of its size, needs some sort of storage facility. Whether it is for keeping bulky goods in a warehouse, presenting fabrics to customers on the shop floor or filing paperwork away, a business is expected to have a suitable and an affordable racking system for storing items that secure them and make them accessible when needed.

Racking systems are built to perform such task efficiently. They allow you to store stock in a way that looks organized, neat and professional without compromising on durability or safety. Racking systems are built to restrain high levels of stress so, irrespective of the weight of the products, whether you are storing large items of furniture or lightweight clothes, a professional racking system is the ideal choice to meet your personal business needs.

Nevertheless, as per racking systems, many people usually think of shelving. Although shelving is a popular and valuable way of storing items, the term racking system depicts a diverse range of storage systems that contain items such as vertical sheet racks, garment rails, pallet racking and more.

Pallet racking is ideal for businesses that deal in the storage of medium weight goods. It comes with a heavy duty metal frame that offers support, attached with pallets or decks constructed using mesh or wood. A complete racking system comes with a simple set of shelves and other features such as floor fixings and corner protectors; this ensures that the pallet racking is properly secured and helps your company to comply with safety and health regulations.

Galvanized pallet racking is another racking system that is available in the marketplace. It is a fantastic alternative to metal shelving for keeping extra-heavy goods. They are ideal for garden centers or DIY stores that may want to store or arrange heavy items such as bags of peat and concrete, or stone paving slabs for instance. Galvanized steel is ideal for use in the external environment as the steel has passed through a zinc coating chemical process that extends the lifespan of the metal outdoors and at the same time reduces corrosion.

Additional products are also available that are different from your everyday, basic shelving storage. For instance, notice plates and plastic ticket holders designed to fit in properly with your racking system can be used as a means of identifying goods, which is especially valuable if you kept your stock in nondescript cardboard boxes. A rack sack is a reusable and durable waste storage system that can easily be incorporated into the end of most racking systems and used as a waste sorting, for instance, general waste and recycling.

If you have many thin, long items such as wooden planks or ironing boards, keeping them on a shelf can make it difficult to reclaim one when required. I suggest that you opt for a vertical storage solution instead of storing them on a shelf, another instance whereby a racking system can incorporate more than your conventional, horizontal shelves. Racks and vertical sheet racks for thinner items are the ideal choices for metalwork shops or DIY stores that want to be able to provide the items that the customers want easily and quickly.

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