For holidaymakers visiting Ibiza, one of the renowned choices made is the renting of self-catering apartments in playa d’enbossa. Self-catering apartments give you the liberty to manage and create your personal holiday experience, away from the constrictions of a hotel apartment or suite. This article will concentrate on looking into some of the essential things that you can consider when booking your next holiday apartment in Ibiza.


One factor that is very important when booking for your next holiday in Ibiza is the location, for this will determine the type of holiday you will experience. If you ate in search of an energetic party atmosphere, it is advised that you decide on selecting a holiday apartment in one of Ibiza’s party resorts. One of the most popular for the above is Playa D’enBossa and San Antonio.

For families planning their holiday to Ibiza, there are apartments in the north-east and north coast of the island. It will the most suitable location families. Other options for families are Santa Eulalia and Es Cana, they are very renowned for holidaymakers in Ibiza with families.


The apartments in Ibiza range from basic compartments to the luxurious in the market. The price is the only factor affecting whatever choice made and it is the biggest the indicator of whatever you expect in terms of comfort, furnishings, and facilities.

It is important you expect themajority of the holiday apartments to consist of some basic cooking facilities, a fridge and a kitchen area. Many holiday apartments that rated below a four star are equipped with limited cooking facilities and therefore do not offer pans and pots, thereby causing altercations for families that opt for this apartment while booking their holiday in Ibiza. It is advised that you look into reviews of apartments online, to be sure of customer feedbacks on the apartment and its facilities during their stay.

There arevarieties of choices when it comes to apartments in playa d’enbossa, as it is with opting for apartments in most Mediterranean holiday resorts. It is important that you make the decision on if the holiday apartment you will be opting for is very suitable for you and if necessary your family.

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