These days, an increasing number of people need to be conversant with the installation of security cameras systems and security cameras in their businesses or homes. This is chiefly due to the rise in crime coupled with the fact that DIY security cameras, as well as security camera systems, now have a higher quality, are more affordable, and are easy to purchase. Since there’s no need to hire a professional for the installation of security cameras, having your home or business under surveillance in no time is a great possibility – and this is something you can do by yourself at a reasonable cost. This tip from the Sannce DVR CCTV Security Camera Review should get you started with effortless ease.

The first thing you’d have to do, prior to buying any equipment, is to ensure that you select a system that comes with a useful instruction manual. Some of the security camera systems for businesses and homes do not come with a fully printed user’s manual that can walk you through the installation processes for the system. It is also a great idea to only buy a camera system with a free unlimited technical support package for the times when you’d have questions or encounter problems.

Making a decision about the thousands of security camera models that exist in the market is complicated if we add to this that each video surveillance project is totally different, the task of selecting the right security camera for our needs is very complicated.

Outdoor or indoor camera?

The first thing we need to know is whether the camera will be installed indoors or outdoors.

In case the security camera located inside  a house or business, we simply have to look at the model is small and discreet, or if we want it to have a presence, we can acquire a larger and more striking camera

If we want an outdoor security camera, we need an IP66 or IP67 certificate. This characteristic tells us that it will withstand the inclement weather, acts of vandalism and in general, ensure the integrity of the video surveillance system.

Ceiling or wall mount:

Once we know if we want to have our security camera installed indoors or we want our security camera to be installed outdoors, we move on to the type of installation we are going to carry out.

The installation can be done in the ceiling or in the wall, and this is another factor that will determine the model of video surveillance camera that we will choose for our installation.

Choose a camera with night vision:

Another way to reduce the number of cameras to select is the night vision function. To perform a security camera installation that records 24 hours a day, it is very possible that we need the camera to be able to record in any light condition.

If the area we need to record is always illuminated, we can opt for a surveillance camera without night vision that is cheaper.

Zoom and shooting angle of security camera:

The angle of vision of the cameras of security is another one of the factors to consider. In this section, we can determine what we need to see. The security cameras give us all the possible options, from which they record 360 degrees until those that have a zoom x20 we will have a wide range of focal distances that will help us to have a totally controlled space.

Connection types of camera

And to finish, we can determine how to power the video surveillance camera. Here we can feed the camera through the same network cable that reaches it or with an electric transformer.

Currently, most video surveillance cameras are powered through the same data cable with which we can do without cables and connections.


You can purchase the Sannce DVR CCTV Security, which is specialized in storage, video surveillance servers and of course in security cameras. You will be able to get the best performance out of this type of security camera, and we are sure that you can even improve the safety and security around your home once you have installed it. It will suit all of your needs, and whatever you are looking for in a high-quality and complete surveillance system package.

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