To ensure that you choose the best undercounter ice maker that will meet all your requirements, we would strongly advise that you take these important factors into consideration.


The most important reason to select an undercounter ice maker over a portable model is being able to place it in an area where it fits nicely within the region. This implies that, before you consider getting one, you must have selected a perfect area for the installation of the device. Selecting the right location for the installation of the device makes you buy an ice machine that will fit perfectly into the available space and you will eventually get the right one.

Kinds of Ice

Which type of ice do you prefer? There are some built-in ice machines that produce nugget ice (a lot of people refer to them as Sonic ice), cube ice, crescent ice etc. Some people will select any ice that is cold or the one that makes their drinks get cold. For those that want a particular type of ice, search for an ice maker that manufactures the type of ice that you desire.


Undercounter ice makers product has a freezer storage space. Apart from the production rate, you also have to put into consideration the amount of ice that will fill up the machine at a time. If your friends and colleagues make use of ice at a frequent rate, then you need one with a higher production rate than its storage volume.


The complicated thing about selecting the right capacity is that the storage capacity of an undercounter ice maker depends on its volume. If you don’t have too much of space, then you might face the problem of getting a machine that has a large storage capacity and still fit perfectly into the preferred spot.

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