In order to get your hands on the best knife sharpener, you need to learn about the 4 different ways in sharpening a knife:

Knife Sharpening System. The knife sharpening system is a guided precision device.

Freehand Using Water stones. This is the traditional way of sharpening knives wherein you use whetstones to grind dull knives and bring it back to its usual sharpness without the help of any of the devices that are developed today. It doesn’t have any angle stabilizers – just pure muscle memory.

Devices that supports the sharpener. Names such as the Lansky Sharpening and Spyderco Sharpmaker systems are the ones that land in this category. This category can also include the wheels and belt sharpeners that have the ability in making very sharp knives.

Electric knife sharpeners. Very easy sharpening system.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

One of the things that most households do today when choosing the best knife sharpener is going for what the manufacturer claims as they are one. And many households have been led to believe that way. However, the mistake of not knowing which highly rated knife sharpeners are will end you up getting a device that fail to sharpen the knives properly.

How is the knife sharpened? You need to think of the side A and side B together and must precisely be sharpened starting at the Apex and make a primary edge of it. For this to get achieved, the burr must be created on both sides starting from the heel to the tip. The burr must be taken out which is then followed by a level of refinement by the abrasives from the finer grit. To accomplish this with the aid of other sharpening devices, it must be used with pull through devices. This can either be one that has a carbide tip promised to do its job. But how can a simple tool be able to accomplish all the steps that are mentioned above?

Here come into the scene the very popular electric sharpeners – you’d see some of the most expensive that claim that they can sharpen knives really well. But the question here is how will it sharpen the knife and up to what expense it can do. There are certain situations that such sharpeners do come in handy, but not all the time. This is a common choice made by households because they think the device itself can do the trick, but those who think so have never really seen a very sharp knife. There are people that are not just satisfied with sharp knives only – they want to see the process of what a true sharp knife is. Machines may likely remove the metal more than necessary, but it can still work.

Are electric sharpeners recommended?

The reason why many experts advise against electric sharpeners is because it removes more metal than necessary and the ‘sharpness’ that it can deliver is limited. It cannot deliver the long-lasting sharpness that the guided devices and freehand sharpening system can do, which is where you’ll see the best knife sharpener.

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