As a parent, I am sure you would have come across your kids complaining that they misplaced one of their Apple devices. Missing iPods, iPhones, or iPads seem to be a normal occurrence but tips on como rastrear un iPhone can always help you out. The Find My iPhone app is a valuable tool for tracking misplaced devices.

You might have heard about this app and testimonies of people using it to track a device that had been stolen. While the police usually track down an unsuspecting thief to retrieve a stolen iPhone, people also make use of this app on a daily basis. It can be used to track an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, or a Mac computer that got lost somewhere in your house.

Setup Your Device

At the initial stage, you will need to install the device so that it can be easily located. If this feature is not set up on a device, it will be impossible to search for it. In order to activate the feature, go to settings and select iCloud.

If you are yet to log in to iCloud, input your Apple ID along with the password to activate iCloud. As soon as you have done this, change the Find My iPhone slider position to act.

Always ensure that your kid’s devices have an active Find My iPhone app. You could use a unique Apple ID for each kid when installing iCloud on each device.

Download the App

Now that you have set up the devices, the next step is to go to the App Store to download the  Find My iPhone app. You will use it to track devices anytime you misplaced them. To download, go to the App Store on your gadget, click the Search button at the base of the screen, and input the app name in the search section.

To install this app to your device, click the button tagged FREE, then click on  INSTALL APP. After inputting your password, it will automatically download to your gadget and be ready to use.

Using the App

Anytime your kid complains about their missing device, just simply open the Find My iPhone app and input your kid’s Apple ID and password. It will track all devices associated with the information provided. Any devices that are switched on and have internet access will reveal a map. Choose the misplaced device from the catalogs of devices and it will show you a screen with the following options: Lost Mode or Lock, Play Sound, and Erase iPhone.

Play Sound

Pressing down the Play Sound button trigger the missing device to start giving out a binging sound. The sound will play for a short time at full volume. This is very useful in locating missing iPod or iPhone that was unintentionally misplaced somewhere in the house. You will be amazed at the short time it takes to locate the device simply by following the sound. The sound will buzz out even if the device was put on silent mode. If the device does not have internet connectivity, the sound will play whenever the device is online.

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