With the incessant occurrence of mobile theft, the application submitted to localiser un telephone is becoming customary and in terms of loss, it is very useful. Telephone operators have the capability to assess the distance between cell phones and get the geographical coordinates on the map via the reception of the satellite. There is the guarantee that the data is secure. The authors of the geolocation program, software or application to be presented as a map purchase the data. If you pre-registered your passwords on websites like Facebook, free, orange before it was stolen, it is important that you change your passwords.

The Kill Switch

Due to smartphones generalization, the theft of mobiles is on the rise. Definitely, the most effective tool out in the community that helps in deterring thieves is currently the kill switch. Several manufacturers have signed this protocol. The essence of this initiative is that the system renders the stolen device inoperative.

iPhone/iPad on iOS

Specifically for iPhone users, Apple has introduced a new application called ‘Locate My iPhone’. The application can simply installed on a device running iOS and you connect using your Apple ID in order to map onto a card your laptop. This app ensures that you can remotely secure and lose or erase the data on your device. The app is compatible for use iPod touch, iPad, and Mac.

  • By accessing your iCloud.com account, you will be permitted to view your device on a map.
  • ‘Locate my iPhone’ is aweb-based application that is available on iCloud.com that can be utilized to locate any iOS device or Mac computer that is lost or stolen. The device will have to have been configured to work with the app.

You can use the Locate My iPhone application to:

  • See the position of your iOS device or Mac Computer on a plane;
  • Track and lock the position of your iOS 6 device using the ‘Lost Mode’;
  • You can also lock your iOS 5 device or Mac computer;
  • Ring your device;
  • Erase information from your device

There is an alternative software in the market that is utilized on Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Linux, MacOS systems to locate device, erase information, lock camera and more; the application is called Prey.

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