If you add decking to the garden area, it adds a special effect to your family home. Before deciding on the type of style and design you want, it is wise to differentiate between the two varieties of decking material, namely, composite and wood. The cost also depends on the material and the durability of the product. The essential thing that you have to consider when you decide to opt for a composite decking range is the maintenance that it will require.

The most preferred material used for decking is wood. The reason is that wood decking creates a natural warmth, smell and feel to it. It comes in form of hardwood and softwood. Softwood is cheaper and comes with the simple installation. It usually passes through heat and chemical to preserve the wood for longer durability. On the other hand, hardwood decking is difficult to work with but it is more common because of its diverse range of natural color and robust design. This type of decking is widely recognized compared to its counterpart due to its resilient properties and robust structural strength. However, wood decking gets expensive and entails high maintenance because overtime without regular maintenance it begins to split and crack. The natural design of the wood begins to discolor and fade due to the inconsistent weather conditions.

Composite decking fiber popularly referred to as wood-plastic composites are designed with recycled wood and plastic. The popularity of this variety of decking is on the rise as it is environmental-friendly in nature and serves as the best alternative to wood. There are two versions which are; solid and hollow composite decking. The solid composite decking is similar to the natural wood in appearance whereas hollow composite decking looks more compact and engineered.

A composite deck will last for a very long time compared to other types of decking due to its features. Composite decking can resist any weather conditions. Firstly, it is resistant to the moisture of the environment and is resilient to rots and insects. Secondly, it doesn’t shrink or swell in size like natural wood, which is affected by weather conditions. Thirdly, it can be set up easily like real wood. Fourthly, it contains water and slip-resistant properties.

The fact is that everyone wishes to have a newly built deck but you must be willing to maintain it constantly to keep up with the new look. As highlighted above, the essential thing to consider before opting for decking is maintenance. For instance, you might love a particular color combination amongst the natural wood nevertheless, that particular shade is going to discolor and you will have to pay more money to maintain it in the long run.

It is very easy to maintain composite decking, as you only have to scrub and wash it two or three times a year to avoid the buildup of molds and other surface problems. It doesn’t require heating or painting as it can resist all kind of weather conditions. It is not costly and its resilient properties make it easy to maintain compared to other modern-day decking solutions.

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