Everyone knows how vital the rank checking is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Off-page and on-page optimization and keyword research are just small aspects of the SEO poser. It is more important to have a grip on how your website is doing in search. Always remember that site rankings are regularly changing and you have to always be on alert for how your site is performing. Rank tracking with SERPStream also assists you to determine how your competitors are ranking in search and look for the most efficient and effective ways to outrank them.

One of the important elements of SEO is choosing the correct keyword, making them rank & track the keyword placement in search. It is really compulsory for an SEO professional or blogger to check their Google keyword ranking for the purpose of target keywords. One of the most popular mistakes committed by website administrators and bloggers is that they write and publish articles without aiming at any keywords at all.

Ensure that you take advantage of the correct tools so as to accomplish this really crucial step! Once you are done writing an SEO-optimized post with the use of your target keywords, your next task is to monitor its search engine rankings and to continue to build backlinks with the appropriate anchor text.

If we want to position our website and monitor it correctly, we must use the best tools at our disposal : measuring the impact of your posts on social networks, the loading speed of your site, the external links you have, study of words key, use the best plugins for your WordPress (although only the necessary ones if we do not want to overload it), measure positions in the Google ranking and in short, use the tools that allow you to do a better SEO and facilitate the task of your strategy of web positioning .

Why should you pay close attention to keyword ranking?

It allows us to see within our niche market which is the keywords that we must work to carry out a good positioning or at least, it allows you to make an initial list that you can then refine. It has gained special importance from the Google Not Provided.

This tool is very simple and easy to use since it shows you by location and language (previously selected) which are the keywords that have the most searches (locally and globally) of both those suggested by you and those proposed in the base to your searches.

How do you do keyword ranking research?

There are a few tools that you can use to help you out whenever you are trying to figure out more information about the specific keywords that your target audience uses. You can find out those tools for keyword research below.

Google Trends is an awesome web tool that you can use to your advantage. It is ideal to see the search trends of your selected keywords and related terms. It is very useful for example to start working on a word that so far did not have too many searches (and therefore not too much competition, usually) and that for some reason or trend now begins to have them, so if you are skillful and know how to use this tool can bring many benefits to your strategy.

For example, imagine that our niche of activity is focused on the sale of clothing online, we can see that the trend has been increasing (something evident in today’s society) and if we look at this tool to buy clothes online we quickly see the increase in searches that has had throughout the last years, despite putting a very obvious example, if you are constant and savvy we can find words in which the trend has changed and position ourselves very well before others detect it and therefore, get advantage and differentiate yourself from the other websites that are using the same keyword.

As we all know an SEO strategy is something that is achieved in the medium and long term, so not to get frustrated with generic words that can be a great source of visits, we must analyze and add to our SEO strategy, long tail keywords, which Although they have a lower volume of searches, they will provide us with traffic easier and faster, as well as high-quality visits. It is incredibly crucial that you track keyword to use if you want long-term success for your website.

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